About us : What is a Pechuga?

A "pechuga" by definition is a chicken breast.

Yes, you read right. A chicken breast. In Spanish, to be more precise.  The name is really just my own take on Dada, fashion can be so heavy and serious sometimes. What if it's nonsensical and simply beautiful for the sake of being...beautiful? 

With that being said the concept of this store came from the desire to provide iconic, gaudy, and overall good-looking items to you, the beloved Pechuga Babe, without the pretense of fashion. 

You'll find an assortment of things here: from audacious early 2000's Christian Dior, brooding Rick Owens knits and cardigans, loud-mouthed Anna Sui from the early 90's, romantic Vivienne Westwood from 90's onwards, and sexy Jean Paul Gaultier. 

So please browse around, inventory is constantly changing.