Diomadis LA for Pechuga "Pluma" Oversized Indigo Rooster & Ostrich Feather Hat, Size M/L

Pechuga Vintage


-Gorgeous "Pluma" hat made in collaboration with Los Angeles based designer, Diomadis L.A.  in the Pechuga studios. Made entirely by hand from start to finish.

-Made from 3 different types of feathers : ostrich crown, curly ostrich base, and rooster for the brim. Very lightweight. 

-Exaggerated and dramatic shape the hat has a diameter of 35" all around and will fit a size M/L head comfortably. Please see size chart for hats. 

Approximate Measurements

-Diamater: 35"

-Crown: 4.5" 

-Brim: 11-12"


-Excellent. All handmade in Los Angeles from start to finish. Feathers sourced in Los Angeles as well. 

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